Iogear kvm switch killed my keyboard and joystick?

Holy Hell, I bought one of those iogear dvi kvm switches ( ) for my mac pro and pc tower and hooked up my monitors and keyboard between the two of them. My mac pro has a drive with windows 7 using bootcamp but with the kvm switch the option button does not allow me to boot into the windows drive on start up, no sweat, I just unplugged the mac keyboard and plugged it back into the mac and started up windows, everything is great. I get all the files I needed to transfer onto the dedicated pc tower so I plug the keyboard usb back to the iogear switch and the pc does not recognize a keyboard. So I just plug it straight into the pc and no go, reboot, and still no go. Not only that, I had my saitek X52 joystick also plugged into the pc and that's dead as well. And rebooting them into the mac pro is a no go as well. All other usb peripherals are working except the keyboard, which I replaced with a new one and that works, and the saitek joystick. I tried resetting the cmos and stuff, and reinstalling drivers but nothing works. I tested a wacom tablet and some other usb devices and they all work. It seems that my keyboard and joystick were disabled somehow.

Sorry for being a little long winded but has anyone had an experience like this?

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  1. Since the pc was a brand new build I opened her up to make sure everything was connected correctly and i notice I plugged in the usb connecter to the ieee port! I switched them, and after buying a new keyboard the usb port seems to be fine.
  2. Hi,

    The motherboard user manual give a warning about doing that, you are lucky you didn't fry your board.
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