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I was redecorating my room so I have to disconnect and move my pc, when I start it up afterward, there was a problem with the display, the photo which I had as a wallpaper was very small there was no bottom taskbar and all the desktop icons were outside the screen. safe mode works normally internet work as well however every time I try to install something it doesn’t appear on the screen. it look dual screen set up, everything is there only out of the display range.

Thanks for help
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  1. It's an obvious recommendation but I've done it myself. On the back of my tower I have two VGA ports, ended up plugging my VGA cable in the wrong one and was stuck there scratching my head for about an hour :P

    Also, if you haven't already, try updating your graphics drivers.

    Other than checking your typical resolution settings I think that's all I have. Hopefully someone else will drop by if this hasn't helped.
  2. I wish I can update or reinstall my graphic drivers however I'm unable to enter in to control panel as well unable to change the resolution, same with safe mode, is there any way to enter in to "run" or control panel, if I press alt ctrl del, I have black screen. I might try to plug in my other graphic card
  3. Are you not able to access your resolution settings simply from right clicking the desktop and viewing properties>settings?

    I'm not sure about more up-to-date OS's like vista/7 but I'm sure there is a way of accessing the resolution from right clicking the desktop.
  4. I'm able to access it via left click and through folder explore option however every time I do, screen appear outside monitor view and I'm unable to drag it with mouse.
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