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I recently installed a machine with Gigabyte mobo System Model: G41MT-S2, BIOS Version: Award Software International, Inc. F3 ,core 2quad 9650 3.0GHz, 2gb of RAM, Video Card : ATI Radeon HD 5450 and 1TB Sata HDD for Graphic Designing. HDD Partition in 2 Drives C:100GB and D: 800GB in July 2011, But its not faster what i expected. The main Problem is when i start photoshop cs5 its taking more time to start and its running slowly other applications also running slow. Even i click the start menu when running photoshop its taking 40sec - 1min to open.

Please help me.
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  1. first thing is NOT enough ram. For crunching textures I use 8gigs. You should at least double your ram..... 4gig.

    the 1t HD..... if it's a 5400rpm drive that will also slow things down.

    I'm also not a fan of small video cards.
  2. your 5400 rpm hard drive is a liability.

    Your ram is need of beef. I run 16 gigs at 2133 matched set. And think sometimes even that is not enough. But that is the best out there unless I start building dual CPU server boards.

    Your video card is runt. Newer cards sometimes give you GPU assistance to rendering these days.

    Your motherboard determines your maximum design limits. With that in mind, you might want to consider replacing it with a Z68 board to break the limitations you have imposed upon yourself with the slow hardware listed in this thread.
  3. Get an SSD. Photoshop will open much faster.

    Also, the larger the drive C: is, the more sparse (fragmented) the files will be, which will obviously take more time to access. This is especially true for HDDs, SSDs not so much. Try to regularly defragment C:, or you could use Diskeeper (or similar) to run in the background. It may take some time when you save a file, but at least it's saved in the optimal place... I remember I had to temporarily stop the process (from the Services lists), because quick saving in games would annoy the crap out of me. And believe me, I save often.

    Last but not least, check for viruses.
  4. Say what ????
  5. spentshells said:
    Say what ????
  6. hi Morgan...
    Thanx man....ill increase my ram..
    but how can i find my HDD's rpm..i can't open my system it is in under harware waranty...
    you mean my video card is small...?
  7. Thank you very much warner...
    would you please help me to install another computer (good config) for my personal use...i can spend money for it.
  8. hi bro...
    thank you verymuch...
  9. ok..
    what??? hahahah
  10. Warner..Please tell me your personal email ID..Ill tell you..
  11. Thanx warner...this is so nice...

    thanx to TOM's Hardwre site also...
  12. werner123 said:
    Don't defrag your HDD it's the most useless optimization tool in existence it'll do more harm than good.

    Terribly untrue untrue oh my god is this bad advice
  13. Seek times, and indexing...boot time,s game loading (yes fractions of seconds) that should just about cover it
    it will and does increaseread and write times (fractionaly)
    will it increase gaming ? well when was the last time you defraged ?
    as for effort involved good god man your mom/wife/Girlfriend must have a hell of a time trying to get you to do the dishes
  14. Whatever you feel like doing with your PC is fine but don't give out bad advice.
  15. get 4 wheels and a turbine engine .. will be real fast
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