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I am trying to share a Web Cam between two PC’s. The main USB device is a Logitech C910 camera (HD 1080P) the device plugs into a Black Box SW210A-R2 (USB AUTO SHARE SWITCH 2 USER X 2 PERIPHERALS) 1 side of the switcher goes to a local wall plate using standard USB cables, the other side of the switcher goes via a USB Extender (Unitek Y-260 10M) to another USB wall plate.

The local wall plate USB point works fine but the other wall plate does not – I did notice that the camera received power as it illuminated but no vision could be achieved.

I have since tried another USB Extender (Unitek Y-2506) this is over Cat5 100M still running 10M ... Again with no success.

Can anyone provide me assistance or advice ...
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  1. Remove the auto switch for testing purposes. Connect the camera directly to the wallplate having the issue.

    Verify camera drivers were installed correctly or reinstall them.

    *Actually, if you're using the IP extended, you shouldnt even need the autoswitch. Every IP extender I've used in the past could share the device right over the lan.
  2. By removing the switcher allowed the camera to work over USB only on a 10M active extender, the 100M over Catx did not work. However the res of the camera originally being HD now has dropped considerably .. And I can no longer share the cameras .. But thanks for your assistance. .. We got somewhere
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