5400 rpm vs. 7200 rpm

I have a motherboard that supports Dual bus master IDE Ultra 33/66. If I use a western Digital 5400 rpm hard drive
(# WD307AA) that supports ATA/66 Will the ATA/66 be compaitble with Ultra 33/66. What if I use a 7200 rpm western digital hard drive (# WD300BB)that supports ATA/100. Will I lose 34mb.
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  1. both would work at ATA66. The ATA100 drive can work at ATA100 if your board supports it, but it is backward compatible with ATA66. The 7200RPM drive will be a lot faster however because it spins faster=faster data transfer. The ATA is just the max burst rate, most of the noticable difference would be the sustained transfer resulting from the higher RPM and larger cache. The IBM drives are king when it comes to speed. IBM 75GXP series rocks. Western Digital is a lower end drive when compared.

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  2. Thank you for the response LTJLover.
    My board is a micro-star K7T Pro (ms-6330) and only supports
    Ultra DMA33/66. I will still get a performance gain with the 7200 rpm do to the seek time of 8.5ms vs. the 5400 rpm
    seek time of 9.5ms is this correct. Wy is the IBM better then the western digital.
  3. The quality and performance of WD drives just doesn't match up with IBM drives.

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  4. 2 quick notes: first i defiantely agree, if you havent bought it yet, go with the IBM 75 GXP..its going to be my next HD (unless i go SCSI..still up in the air on that one)
    Also, why settle for ATA66, yes itll work just fine, but if you can spend a coupla extra bucks, just buy yourself an ATA100 controller card, and blammo, yer kicken some butt now~!
    To say that an IBM 75 GXP on an ATA100 controller card will kick the living daylights out of a WD at 66 is putting it mildly. And they really shouldnt be expensive at all (sorry i dont have an estimate, but i wouldnt guess unless i knew..just goto www.priceline.com or buy.com to get an idea)
    And dont be concerned about a controller card being bottlenecked by the PCI bus, youll get max performance out of it, they both max at about the same throughput (now if i could just remember the number LOL)


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