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Hi friends.. I have a doubt about RAM that I'd like to get clarified.

What is the performance of a RAM that is clocked higher when installed in a board that supports lower clocked RAMs?

eg: DDR2 800 RAM on a board that supports only DDR2 667

In this case I'd like to know if DDR2 800 RAM performs better than a DDR2 667 RAM.
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  1. Using your example if you install DDR2 800 on a motherboard that only supports 667 then the speed will automatically be lowered to 667 so you will see no improvement.
    Also if that motherboard lets say that the motherboard supports both RAM speeds. If you put 800 together with 667 the highest speed one will be lowered to math the slower one
  2. If the board only support 667 then the 800 will run in 667 mode.... :bounce:

    It will performs "almost" the same...

    the different is usually 800 RAMS can run 667 mode with lower latency, 667 ram with low latency is usually more pricier (do not now price trend right now)

    Example : DDR2 800 C6 usually can run as DDR2 667 C4... it will "faster" than DDR2 667 C6 but performs the same as DDR2 667 C4

    But the different is minimum, most people not notice it... :D

    Edit: U sometimes will need to set manual timing to allow it benefited from the lower latency.. (O.C.)
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