MSI or Biostar? (blue or red?)

Hi guys I've been working throughout the school year to save enough money for a new gaming computer.
This is everything I have so far.|1-33130|1-69230|1-58955|2-60883|1-52176|1-58746|1-49597|1-33602|1-33601|1-6024|1-7842|1
You'll notice I don't have a graphics card there, that's because I'll be using an older EVGA GTX 285 until I can save up enough money for a sapphire/asus ATi Radeon HD7950.
I might not go crazy but I want to keep my options for overclocking open, which brings me to my question.

Should I keep the MSI Z77A-G43 that I have selected already? Or should I go for a Biostar TZ77XE4 Z77?

So yeah, I'll want to overclock my i5 3570 and my 7950.
I understand MSI Afterburner is really good for easily overclocking. If I have a non-MSI motherboard, would that still be possible to use?

Yeah, so which one. And guys, the main reason I'm really considering the Biostar is because it's red. And the MSI is blue. And I want a red color scheme for my case, hence the CM storm enforcer.. So if you can find me a good, reliable mobo that's red in this price range I would probably give you best answer.
Also, I'm only going to be using NCIX for this build, only things like future addons and upgrades will I use other websites. This just makes things logistically simpler for me.

Thanks in advance
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  1. buuuuump?
  2. that biostar you said was amazing in papers as said in website, but i sugest you to get get that msi board, in my research msi boards are more stable
  3. what papers in what website are we talking about?
    could you be more specific?
  4. papers i mean is what biostar written about that product in their website
  5. okay by the msi boards being stable what do you mean? its like $50 cheaper too so is it worth it?d
  6. yes! i used msi boards never give me probs. msi is known for quality boards speclly their high ends
  7. well i dunno if what im getting is high end. probably more value oriented
  8. You can't go wrong with either board. Biostar is all about bang for your buck, and I have not had any problems with my biostar board in my main rig. I have also had very good luck with their customer support as well.
  9. well the biostar one is like 40 bucks more expensive. So you'd think MSI would be more expensive, since its the proven "big brand".
    I just want a nice looking board with a good bios that allows good overclocking.
    I think MSI provides just that.
  10. You have to realize that you are comparing a higher end biostar board to a lower end msi board. Now if you don't need more than 2 sata 6gb/s ports, esata, or enough pcie slots for cfx/sli then the msi board will be the one for you. As far as overclocking goes both boards will overclock the same.
  11. msi bios is more easy to mess with
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