Upgrade C2D E6600 to CQ Q8300?

I would like to ask, if upgrading E6600 to Q8300 is good idea... My MB only supports 1066 FSB but it overcloks itself to 1333 if needed, so it should work... Asus P5B
My question is - will i be able to overclock furter? I am now running E6600 on 3.0 ghz (CPU is "lazy", 3.0 is highest i can go), will i be able to reach (at least) 3.0 with Q8300, which already overclocks FSB to 1333?
I am trying to get some performance gain in CPU demanding apps, and also use benefits of 4 cores in some games... because my E6600@3.0 is slow sometimes, and temperatures are quite high... 45nm Q8300 might be cooler IMHO...
It´s good idea? Or performance gain will not be worth upgrading?
Thanks for opinions :hello:
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  1. i had an e6750, and had the same debate over getting a socket775 quad core, and with help from these guys decided to get an i5 upgrade over spending cash on old socket.
    if you can i'd say go i5 route if budget allows, performance over mates clocked quad is massive, and people i know that have upgraded to a 775 quad have all said it was not a big improvment as they had hoped for.
  2. Hello!
    I am not thinking about new Q8300, but used one, for cca. 70USD. New ones are overpriced - compared to i5/i7, it´s not worth buying new.
  3. i've always been wary of buying 2nd hand gear, dont know how been treated.
    You wouldnt buy 2nd hand brakes for your car, even though they work fine.
  4. Well Asus seems to think that you should get some support for the Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q8300 on your Asus P5B http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_775/P5B/#CPUS. While you may have to update your Bios it should give you the support for a quad core.

    Now the newer Intel Core i5/i7 can be a much better value as far as performance but if you are unable to upgrade your system at the time; the Intel Core 2 Quad is a nice upgrade.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  5. the q8300 has to have the fsb really cranked to overclock, i have a q8200 and traded it for a q6600 which is a much better overclocker and runs cooler. chances are you wont be able to reach 3ghz with the q8300 due to maxing out your boards FSB, i couldnt get past 2.8ghz on my q8200. Get a q6600 if you can, the higher multiplier and more cache make it faster and better to overclock.
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