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I'm building a HTPC to be used for 1080p movies on a 37' HDTV. I will also be using this for downloading, surfing the web, DVR, and light gaming. By light gaming I mean being able to run most any mmorpg out at the lowest settings. Have a gaming PC so this will only be used for gaming to use a second account on occasion when boxing isn't a good option.

Budget would be preferably under $100 but would spend more if needed.

This is intended to be as low power as possible system with some flexibility.

Parts ordered so far:

SILVERSTONE ML03B Micro ATX Media Center / HTPC Case
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB
Intel Core i3-2100T
Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D

Will likely add a TV tuner card and Raid card (eSATA external Raid).
Also SSD and HD.

OS: Windows 7. Possible Ubuntu or other? Would like to boot to SSD or maybe USB thumb?
Current apps used are Foxfire, Newsbin Pro, XMBC, WinRAR, and Windows Media Center.

Any input would be much appreciated. Is a video card even needed? Also on a side note if any would like to recommend a good low profile TV tuner card (usb?) or Raid card please do.
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  1. You best bet for a LP video card is probably a HD6570 like this one:

  2. that particular card has had some weird hdcp issues id steer clear of that one for a htpc. a 6570 from any other company will do
    also go with win7,,,i thought linnux was sluggish when i made my htpc ...put win7 in and it played everything flawlessly ....and i only had an atom+ion asus setup
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