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Hey everybody, i was recently playing games on my brand new 560ti graphics card. At first it was pretty damn fast but it seems to have gotten much slower. My psu is a 600w. I got the 1090t 6 core from amd and 16gb of ripjaws ram. Needless to say my computer is very fast but recently i have been getting a lot of disk read errors. I think it might be my harddrive limiting my fps or possibly not enough power. I was hopeing you guys could tell me i will get a new harddrive in tomarrow i hope that will fix it but if it dosent i wanna know what u guys think the problem would be. I have the MSI 870-g45 mobo gameing series and i think it works just fine. Lately in WoW in city i been getting like 20 fps and my system specs sshould never let it get down that much. The graphic's card is stock clocked but with fans on 100%. Also my case has 6 fans and they are all running. Also my cpu spikes about .2 ghz pretty often hardly ever stable. That was even before i ordered the 560ti upgradeing from my 9800gtx+. So what do u guys think the problem is? It's been running pretty slow on max graphics but my res is only 1366x768.
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  1. MMORPG framerates can suck depending on what's going on. I would definitely not use that as your indicator for your systems performance issue. Most of the time, when I'm playing Rift, my framerates are 70-100 with 2 580s, though there are times when they drop into the 30s in a heavily populated castle area. This is the only game I have where my framerates have dropped below the 70s at any point in time (of course with full details, AA and AA transparency).

    That being said, what kind of power supply do you have? You said 600W, but there are plenty in the bargain bin at 600W that can barely power a processor because of how the power is distributed among the rails.

    Also, if you're getting a bunch of read errors have you tried running any disk diagnostics? Everything will run slowly and erratically if you're having disk problems.
  2. Thanks for your help.

    I think i have found the problem i bought a new harddrive which fixed the disk read error as i expected.

    The main issue ive found is my cpu isnt running right. Ive tested my gpu and it seem's like its ok but now im faced with yet another problem.

    I have an antec 600w power supply. It has 2 +12v rails.

    My problem as of now i beleive is the psu? My problem is the cpu vddc on amd overdrive is indicateing in red
    Target: 1.472v (6-core stock i beleive)
    Current: 1.272v (what im getting now)

    I also have a problem as when i have it on power saver it runns great and very stable at 800 mhz but is not very ideal for running games. When i turn power options on high preformance what it does is it will spike very hard trying to get to 3.2 ghz.
    Any suggestions? My vote is i need a better power supply cause the card recommends 500w and i have a six core 16gb ram brand new 32mb cache 640gb harddrive 6 fans and of course the 560 ti.
  3. Go into the BIOS and disable AMD Kool&Quiet and C1E Support.

    Usually having voltage that isn't contant is the motherboard.I've had a MSI mobo in the past(890FXA-GD65) and i've seen how odd the voltage increases can be,mine would increase by .4 when under load.Definitly not constant at all.
  4. Thanks for the reply purple.

    I have the 870-g45 do you think that my mobo is the reason my voltage is insuffcient and thats why my cpu is so unstable?
  5. By the way you were right about cool n quiet it was on forgot to turn off when i got new version of windows 7. But now they wont even reach 3.2 ghz it wont ever since i upgraded from gtx+ (1 pci 6 pin) to a 560 ti (2 6 pins) I think its power?
  6. Why is your CPU unstable? Have you been

    Your CPU has Turbo.So when it sense's a large load of activity it will give you a boost in performance(about a 400mhz increase).

    Here's some info on your processor.
  7. Idk why it's unstable i think it cant get enough power is my opinion.

    No i try to underclock acually cause i think im lacking power only thing i can think of?
  8. Your crashing? Is that what you mean by unstable?
  9. No im unstable as in the mhz target is 3200 it wont stay it spikes avg mhz is around like 2000
  10. Are you getting 2ghz when it's idle or when the CPU is under load?
  11. Ok so i think its the power supply for sure due to the fact my cpu vddc is a lot closer to target volts its running 3.2ghz not nearly unstable just 100 mhz or so so purple do u think its psu aswell?
  12. Hmm wow found something very strange when i oc my 1090t to 3.6 it's very stable not even spikeing a single mhz o.O
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    Like I said before you have Turbo Core.It will underclock when their is no stress on the CPU and overclock when their is stress on the CPU.

    Your can turn off Turbo Core in the BIOS.

    Unstable relates to crashing.Unconsistant is what your experiencing,and theirs nothing wrong with that if it's meant to do that.
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