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Onboard Audio hanging?

Ok I got a weird problem going on here. Today I noticed that when i was playing music and then opened Firefox my music seriously sounded like this for 2 seconds "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" then it went back to playing the song :( Also last night I was playing Skyrim and it kept crashing on me and sending me back to the desktop. Now i could be tripping but i think the audio sounded funny the first time it happened. Anyways not sure where to begin at diagnosing this problem. I instyalled new audio drivers. Im thinking that it may have something to do with my hard drives maybe since my music and OS is on seperate hard drives. Maybe its a delay on the hard drive? It seems to happen when i have music going and then open a application. I can't replicate it though which is annoying. Not sure whats going on here. I got a i7 950, 6 gigs so it surely can't be getting bottlenecked. Its weird cause I think it happens when accessing the 2 hard drives together :( So something is hanging.

So i got my list of things that i think it could be:
1. Audio Driver
2. Hard Drive performance or somewhere along those lines(my hard drives are like 7 years old now or more)
3. Sata ports? (God i hope that isnt a problem)
4. Maybe a Bios glitch?

I got the Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3 (rev. 1.0).
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  1. Only thing you can do is have Task Manager (or better yet, Process Explorer) open and see if you have another process that jumps in usage when this happens.
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    My money goes on hard drive. If you're on Windows 7 you can open the resource monitor and watch it while you're using all these programs. Disk usage, and what the % is of Highest Active Time.

    My bet is that you're maxing out your disks when this is happening.
    You possibly have a disk failing, I'd run a check disk or grab SeaTools and have it test the drives if they aren't at 100% usage, or so.
  3. Ok thats what im thinking. I got a old 250 gig drive that I had from my Gateway from like 2001 and I bought the other 500 gig drive at the sametime. Im really starting to think thats my problem. Maybe its cause of the disk cache maybe? Hmm I think its about time to get a 1TB and just partition it into 2 drives. If I were to open the task manager and watch, it could take awhile because I can't replicate it. It just seems to happen now and then.

    Thx guys for some reply's :)
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