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hi,all, I tried to install 32GB(4*8GB)DDR3-1333 ECC Hynix memory for my dell xps 8300, replace the original 8GB, but after i installed them and boot my PC, the PC game me a warning sound of "dududu..." and the PC wont post anything, so whats going on? how can i get rid of it.

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  1. It accepts only upto 16GB of RAM according to this

    I have my doubts about it accepting ECC RAM too....
  2. Get into it's BIOS and check the amount of RAM it detects first.....
    Why did you buy ECC RAM???? a home pc usually doesn't need it.... it's mostly targeted for enterprise servers.....
  3. It's not the bios, it is the OS. The Dell XPS 8300 comes with Windows 7 Home installed, which will only recognize 16GB of memory. Upgrade the OS to Windows 7 Business ($89), and your 32GB of memory should be recognized by the system.
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