Looking for Allen Glenn

Allen used to live in the county fife. Edinburg... i have been trying to locate him for awhile he is about 23-24 years of age. My name is Holly and i'm from the u.s.a. and if anyone knows anything about Allen or knows where he might be plase let him know that i am looking for him.. Also you can email me at tyouler@atlanticbb.net Please i am so desparte to find him... I want to let him know that i messed up bad and i need him back in my life!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
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  2. You won't find many people down here.
  3. Well she will not find him now, she will not even be able to find the topic she started now that it as been moved to here lol.
  4. She will get a PM that her topic was moved.
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