5670 512mb good for 1280x720p?

I plan to get that card, I dont plan on maxing out anything but my source games a that res, but do you guys think I could play BF:BC 2 smoothly low-med settings?
And could I possible play the BF3 Beta with this card? I do plan to OC it.

Sapphire 5670 512mb:
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    you could play bc2 with max settings with that card at your resolution (assuming you have decent processor) maybe even some anti-aliasing

    bf3 beta no idea, it will be playable i dont know what settings though.
  2. I have a Phenom II X4 840T @ 2.9
  3. At that resolution you should be able to play most game on high-max settings. Your CPU is not holding you back either.
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