Amd fx x4 4100 or phenom ii x4 955 BE???

im so blur which 1 to choose my new cpu to my gaming rig..
you all please choose which 1 is better??
i see from another forum that tell me amd fx 4100 is suck into gaming..really?
which 1 is better??
amd fx x4 4100 or phenom ii x4 955 BE???
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  1. Phenom II x4 955 BE is much better in all benchmarks than FX x4 4100.
  2. thx guys..i will choose phenom..
  3. grab the phenom II before they disappear from shelves. They are faster than the fx series, but are discontinued so they wont be around long.
  4. iam2thecrowe said:
    grab the phenom II before they disappear from shelves. They are faster than the fx series, but are discontinued so they wont be around long.

    ok..will get it as soon as possible..thx for the advice :)
  5. The FX-4100 is pretty much on par with a Phenom X4 955 in gaming. Don't believe me look at the benches, the fps difference is slight... less than 5fps.,3043.html

    Where it fails is in terms of power consumption which is far worse than anything in the Phenom X4 line. Needless to say the comparison is a X4 980 @ 3.7 ghz in most cases, some of them OC to 4ghz.

    I had the option to buy a FX with my last system but instead passed for a $85 deal on a Phenom X4 965 and $60 on a MSI 890FXA-GD70

    If your looking to build a new system from scratch your best bet much as I hate to say it... Intel. As far as gaming goes the little i3-2100 does extremely well and the I5-2500 is pretty much the best price point out at the moment and triumphs anything AMD and to offer.

    I own both a Phenom 965 @4ghz matched with a 6870 @ 970MHz/1,170MHz and a I5-2500K system matched with a 6950 all stock. The FPS difference is 7fps in Intel's favor on average.

    I wont knock AMD, it is perfectly capable of playing any game out but you will get a better price vs performance ratio by looking into Intel.
  6. thats weird, you're putting a 6870 vs a 6950, the 6950 beats the 6870 even with its overclock, so 7 fps is what you'd expect..they weird thing isnt that tho...

    the weird thing is you compared the two CPU's on FPS...when its the 2 different gfx cards that are making the difference

    I smell a fanboy

    As for the original post, 955 beats the bulldozer chip hands down, it also beats the I5's I have a i5 here and a 955, and the 955 blows it away

    but if you can find an i7 cheap, get it, amd more performance per dollar, intel, more performance more cost

    so if you want the highest possible performance def go intel, but do it right, get an i7

    if you want damn good performance on a tight budget go AMD
  7. My 4100 and 990fx gigabyte board is doing better than any off my others, no issues and i play all from cod(WAW)to Total War(Empire)! ultra settings, and all is fine(i do have slight problem with a screen glitch(but im using a New untested Insignia brand 42") but other than that games are smokin, got the 990 board for future amdFX ugpgrade(up to 8150before i have to decide wether to stay AMD or jump ship)but that will be years down the road
  8. buy an i3 2100 with a cheap mobo dont go amd 1155 is far superior and in the future you will be able to upgrade to an i5 or i7 or even possibly ivy if the rumore are true. AMD is dead in the water at the minute intel has them licked at every corner for sure even the budget market
  9. Do people read the thread bin we have, it seems like 20 of these comparisons come up daily.

    Out of the two choices the 955 BE, because the FX is poo.
  10. I will drop it like a boss;

    1] You feel the patrionic sense of loyalty to team red(green whatever the fudge it may be) which compulsively keeps you buying the products irrespective of the fact that you are funding the ineptitude that it has become. Essentially your loyalty is just a paycheck to team red.


    2] you can live vicariously in life and consider team Blue (que the boo's), knowing that the descision may ultimately sink the other team and contribute to team boo...I mean blue's rise to monolithic status.

    If you choose 1, the you are probably a die hard or fan and feel your loyalty is justly deserved, it is noble and in which event a 955BE will suit you beautifully.

    If you choose 2, then you have probably realized that there is no spoon, that loyalty is overrated and that buying is for your needs and your needs alone, you buy because it is what is best for you. If you have considered this feasible then consider an Intel offering.
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