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Radeon vs Nvidia Help?

So i was hoping to purchase a Radeon graphics card the other day and i asked my brother what he thought about it. Hes more oriented in hardware from 2005 ish, and less recently so i assume his information might be skewed. He said that i shouldnt get a Radeon graphics card for gaming because many games arent compatible with them . Im thinking its B.S but im not sure. If so, on the current market which of these is better for Price to Performance and compatibility(if there is any)
or the radeon

I can tell that the radeon is better just by looking at the specs but all i really need now is to run Source engine games and TF2 well.
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  1. the radeon is much better than nvidea you listed
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    None of the cards you listed is considered a gaming card. They are marginally better than integrated graphics.

    Read this tom's article:,2964.html

    As to compatibility, that does not favor one type or the other. Driver updates address new games and fixes all the time.
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    Those cards might as well be from 2005, they all are literally the lowest you can go in the discrete graphics arena. As for compatibility, it doesn't matter if you go Nvidia or AMD.
  4. what are your system spec? maybe we can suggest something that more reasonable card for your system though it still depends on your budget as well
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