GA-A55M-DS2 no video

I'm building out a system with a GA-A55M-DS2 board, A6-3500 APU and 4gbytes. I had these components posted up before I left Frys and everything tested out OK.

It powers up without any beeps, however I see a dark screen. I think there is a signal coming from the analog D-sub port, since my monitor complains about lack of signal when I disconnect. However, the screen is completely dark.

Any ideas?
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  1. For what it's worth, I dropped a GT520 PCI-E card into the box to see if that would fix the problem - no dice. Against my better judgment I re-seated the memory chips even though they had past post-test and again, no luck.

    The mobo seems incapable of producing a video signal when paired up with an A6-3500. So I say "Boo! Gigabyte, Boo!".
  2. Check all power and cable connection as the first step, please.
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