Something has gone KAPUTT in my new system.

Hello guys,
Basically I built myself a new system for my birthday and everything was great. MY 960T amd processor unlocked to a six core, and the pc was fast. However after 4 days of light use, I turned the pc on for a light gaming session, and after around 2 hours my computer suddenly shut down on me without warning. I then tried to turn it back on and my LED's on the fans flashed but nothing else happened. so I opened my case and hit the power button, my fans spun one rotation and the leds flashewd again but no power on.

First thought was the PSU, but I switched to a backup and the same thing occured. tried switching out the ram, still the same problem, took out my graphics card and all USB hubs etc from the board, as well as my Hard drive and still the same thing. I then remounted my CPU and heatsink (I have an ASUS Axe Gold Cooler, so it was no easy task lol) and the problem still persisted. I thought that it my be the case shorting out the motherboard, so i tried seating it on top of the motherboard box, but still no change. Tried Clearing the CMOS Battery too, no avail.

I have the ASUS m4a87TD Evo mother board, and an AMD phenom 2 x4 960 T , 3 sticks of corsair XMS3 DDR3 2GB ram. MY PSU is 750W.

When power is to the PSU, the motherboard bios light stays on (Green LED) so Im positive it isnt my PSU, My only thoughts are Motherboard or CPU?

What do you guys recommend?

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  1. You might try changing the CMOS battery in case the one on the board was dead. But you've done all you can do to isolate the problem. You could try shorting the 'clear cmos' pins on the board. That would reset the BIOS to factory and disable the other 2 cores and bring it back to a quad core CPU, in case one of the cores was defective and causing the boot failure.
  2. heya,
    Thanks for the reply, yeah I shorted the clear cmos pins on the mobo with the jumper, still no booting. the cores where said to be succesfully unlocked and were running great, even ran superPi 1.5mod 32m in just 13 minutes! is there any way to isolate whether it is a cpu issue? because i get into trouble (slap on the wrist from my asus reseller) if the motherboard is not indeed faulty. I don;t have another amd processor or motherboard to test so i can't switch one out.

  3. I'm afraid I'm out of ideas. Someone smarter than me may come along though, and offer some new advice. But from my experience, new motherboards fail far, far more often than new CPUs.
  4. Try each stick of RAM individually, one at a time. Then call your friends and see if anybody's got a socket AM3 CPU you can borrow, as that's my current suspect.
  5. Sounds like a motherboard to me. As was mentioned by kajabla, call some friends and try a different cpu, or try to put your cpu in one of their systems. CPUs rarely die unless you overclock them.
  6. ^but you never know. Get hold of another mobo if possible. If you have 2 of each part, you can pinpoint the problem.
  7. hmm No one I know uses an AMD processor Lol! hmmm shoot, Its deffinately either CPU or Mobo, but Without another Processor or mobo its gonna be impossible to tell Lol... Lemme check with one guy who might have a spare mobo. Will update you in a bit
  8. If you don't mind spending a small amount of money to test it, look on eBay for the least expensive used processor your board will accept. Maybe an inexpensive used Sempron.
    If it proves to be the CPU that was at fault, you can always use the ebay processor until the replacement comes. Thereby, allowing you to at least continue using your machine for day to day tasks. If the ebay processor doesn't solve the problem, then you can RMA the board and either keep the ebay processor for backup or or re-sell it.

    ...I'm betting on the board being the culprit :sol:
  9. Or the ebay CPU could be broken :P
    Maybe not quite scientific enough.
  10. Just RMA the motherboard, quickest thing you can do.
  11. ...and then see if it still doesn't work because it's the CPU?
  12. RMA both... if nothing is wrong with either one, they will send it back to you...
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