1gb Combined with 512mb SLI?

Friend wants to buy the following computer for 500$, plan on giving him my old 1gb 250gts for about 30$, however can he sli the two togethr, i know you could with amd ( im an ati user now, terrible choice) where they would scale down too 512 x2.
Intel I5 750 Quadcore 2.8 GHZ x4
4 GB ram,
1 TB harddrive
GeForce GTX 250 512 MB card

Maya 2010
Photoshop CS5
Windows 7 Home Premium
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  1. You can SLI them but it can not share MB(Memory)... All you need for SLI to work is Speed of Core/Shader/Memory to be at same speed and also name as well... I'll Recommend SLI them and use the monitor and connect it to the 1GB so it wont lag when PS used more than 512MB...
  2. you will be limited to the memory of the 512mb card. also you dont get 512x2, you still only get 512. The memory in each card contains a mirror of the others data, so you dont get double the memory with 2 cards.
  3. yea thats what i meant, thanks this will be good news to him since he doesnt have a high res monitor. Should i computer with those specs an crossfire 250 gts be able to play starcraft 2 maxed at about 10**x 7**?
  4. you do need a fairly beefy power supply to run two of those cards, 650w good brand. a single 250 should run starcraft on high at those settings. the 1024mb may be an advantage with higher settings over the sli........
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