6950 safe temps for clocks

I just flashed the bios on my MSI HD 6950 to the MSI HD 6970 bios and was wondering something.

Can I run the Core clock 950Mhz on air cooling safely?
Can I run the Ram clock 1450Mhz on air cooling safely?

Also what is the usuall temps for these clocks if running the reference air cooler at 60% for Crysis 2, are they safe?

And for last I noticed that the reference MSI HD 6970 uses one 6-Pin and one 8-Pin power connector but the reference MSI HD 6950 only uses two 6-Pin power connectors, does this decrease the performance of the 6950 using the 6970 bios?
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  1. The power connectors should not be an issue. There is no way to find out but try it for yourself, gradually increasing the clock speeds upto the desired level.
  2. Quote:
    hello there , i think the ram clock 950Mhz is not sufficient on air cooling u should try another one . and rest all should be ok .
    thank you


    Dude your talking about the Core clock not the ram...read the question carefully next time!
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