GA-B75M-D3H not holding boot device

I just bought this motherboard and what a breeze the install went great however it seems it is acting strange in the fact that I will not hold the boot device. I am using 2 SATA hd's one boot & apps and 1 for games. When I go into bios to select first boot device it does not see the actual drive that windows is installed on. Then when I boot up and do F12 for boot menu it shows up there and I can select the right device.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix?
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  1. I don't know how you configured your drives, but I always install windows with only the boot drive, then add the other drives while windows is running so windows will configure them as secondary devices. Just unplug them until windows loads, and reconnect the sata and power supply leads. This even works when you clone your old drive to a new one.
  2. The way you said that o1die is concerning, it implies you unplug and plug in sata power and sata data cables while the machine is running? :/
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