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Too Hot CPU - Error

Guys, when using my laptop, i noticed that the cpu is pretty hot or the board is too hot. This is killing my laptop, do you know how can i fix it? Cooler? or laptop fan?
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  1. Are your fans spinning at full bore? What are you placing the laptop on? It needs some space to breathe. A laptop cooler with built-in fans could help if the problem is temperature-related.

    If you install RealTemp, it will tell you how hot your CPU is getting.
  2. Depending on age and environment, you might just need to grab a can of air and blow the dust out of it. That would be my first step. Make sure you grab some before and after temps to see if it helped.
  3. laptop cooler!
  4. What's your temp?
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    Firstly make sure when your using the laptop not of the vents are being blocked. This can often happen when resting a laptop in your lap and your clothing blocks some of the ventilation causing very rapid heat build up.

    Secondly, as mentioned above, get yourself a can of compressed air and attempt to clear out some of the dust.

    Thirdly, after-market cooling options are available. These consist of flat platform with built in fans that you rest the laptop on and the blow cold air onto the base of your laptop keeping the whole unit cooler.

    There are many variations, but this picture shows the general idea behind it.
  6. I used to have a laptop that ran at 92C while normal use then while video encoding shoot to 104C Only lasted 7 months, after that I bought a desktop. Why don't they make laptops with better cooling at so a lap does not obscure the vents...
  7. Is it a HP?
  8. Pyree said:
    Is it a HP?

    HP CQ42 CPU
  9. Oh well, that question was for majorgibly, but anyway. You answer it and provide some info on the spec which is useful. Now it would be nice if you can download hwmonitor and get a reading on the temp.
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