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Hello, I recently bought a computer with 2 radeon 6950s - I was going to attempt to build t myself, but considering this is my first endeavor with anything computer related, I decided to go the easy, more expensive route. Anyways, the package came with a nvidia sli bridge - will this even work on two ati cards? I thought sli was nVidia, not ati? The mobo is sli/crossfire compatible, but I don't know much about this crossfire tech.

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  1. I don't know how possibly you could get a SLI bridge connector on a AMD Radeon purchase. But anyway you can try getting a RMA. If you aren't trolling then you should obviously get it RMA'ed
  2. I'm not trolling, I am a complete moron when it comes to this. But that's what I got, I thought it was weird too.
  3. Can you give us a picture of your PC showing the two 6950 with SLI bridge?
  4. The SLI bridge was bundled with the mobo and you should of got a crossfire one too plus two more ( one @ 6950 ). Get in touch with vender and tell em to send you two.
  5. Is there a bridge currently connecting your 2 cards? If so, the builder just sent you the SLI bridge that came with your MB. However, if each of your card was supposed to come with a bridge, then you are missing one as well (or 2 if there are none installed).
  6. SLI bridges come with the mobo.Crossfire bridge's come with the cards.They probably messed it up.
    Those people put computers together day after day,it's their job.Since SLI bridges and Crossfire bridges look the same they probably overlooked it and didn't realize it.

    Crossfire bridge's are only $10.I wouldn't go thru the hastle of an RMA over $10.

    Or you can just ask whoever built it to send you 2 crossfire bridges.
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