Laptop isn't powering on

I'm pretty sure this is the right place for this thread....

My laptop refuses to turn on. It has been plugged in and "charging" for an hour, however it won't power on.

When I hit the power button, it acts as if it's going to start up (ie. the lights on the laptop keyboard come on as if it were turning on) but it just turns back off a second later.

I removed the battery and just left it plugged into the wall, and it still did the same thing so it's not the battery.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

All help is appreciated.
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  1. Sounds like a failure to POST, which could be a lot of different things. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure how many POST issues can be fixed on a laptop. Did you make any changes to the computer recently?
  2. maybe your memory has been damage.. if you have 2 or more memory. just try to remove one memory and turn in on again. do it the same on the other one. if nothing has happen. just try another memory. if you have a friends that have a laptop just try to borrow their memory and install it on your laptop. make sure that is a same type of memory of yours. like ddr3. btw you have to discharge your body from the static charges before touching the component of your laptop.
  3. Hi,

    could also be the cpu cooler not running or not running fast enough or running but not generating the tachometer signal so the laptop 'thinks' the fan isn't running and shuts down immediately for a cooling problem.

    If you hear the fan running (at least spinning up briefly) while you try to turn the laptop on, you can try the following. It worked with some laptops I've had with that problem...

    - unplug the power cord
    - take the battery out
    - press and hold the power button for a minute
    - plug the power cord, DO NOT insert the battery
    - try to start it
    - if it works, or even if not, insert the battery and try again

    - if it's still not working, take the hard disk drive out and retry. Also disconnect everything that might be externally hooked up to the laptop, like USB devices and such.

    - if it suddenly works with no USB device connected, check the USB sockets for bend/shorted contacts. Actually - do this anyway, no matter if it works or not since it could be shorted pins in a damaged USB port.

    Good luck
  4. It could be the charging port has been broken, when the PC is on charge their should be a light which indicates it's being charged. If there is not it would mean (to me) that the charging port has been damaged.
  5. If that would be the case, it won't come on at all without the battery. He tried without, and says it's doing the same thing...
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