What should I upgrade 1st, if anything?

Hey guys, maybe thinking a bit too far ahead, but I've got all the parts I need for my new build on the way, and, if indeed I EVER get enough money to upgrade something on my computer, what would you recommend? Here's what I have:

Graphics card:
DVD Drive:

And I have Windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

So, what's the first update I make?
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  1. Video card

    Hard drive to SSD

    Blue Ray drive

    PSU to silver or Gold and modular cabling.

    Computer Case (Haf X is one of the top few cases according to Tom's for various good reasons)

    In that order. Or work from cheapest towards more expensive.
  2. *** I forgot to mention that my friend gave me a 40gb SSD.

    And I have no reason to get a blue ray player, unless computer games will be coming out on BR.
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    None, it's pretty good for another year or so.
  4. I have two blue ray drives in there because they were on sale and still can read everything all the way back to CD rom.
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