Pentium4 630 3.0ghz works at 1.5ghz


I have a pc with the following specs:
CPU: Pentium4 630 3.0ghz 800mhz FSB
Motherboard: Gigabyte ga-8i915pl-g
RAM: Kingston 1GB DDR 400mhz

When the pc boots it shows that the cpu works at only 1.5ghz (100mhz bus * 15)
Its supposed to work at 200mhz bus (800mhz fsb).
When i enter the BIOS i see that the bus is set to auto with a frequency of 200mhz.
If i try to manually set it to 200mhz it still boots at 100mhz (sometimes 75/120/133 randomly).

I also noticed that if i try to set the memory timings it only allows me to use 2.5/3/4.
2.5 makes my ram work at 500mhz which it is not supposed to and that could be the problem.
In the motherboard manual it says the for 533fsb i can set 2.5/3/4 and for 800fsb i can set 1.66/2/2.66 (which are not available).

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  1. Try resetting the Cmos, then get into BIOS and load the optimized defaults.
  2. I did but it remains the same.
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