ASRock Z77 Pro 4 RAM Not recognized?

Hey Everyone! Sorry For me being a newbie here but I have an Odd problem. I installed identical 4 sticks of Patriot Viper 4GB 1600 RAM on my ASRock Z77 Pro 4 mobo. I can see the RAM in the UEFI "System Browser" but only A2 and B2 are recognizing the RAM as even being "installed" So It reads as I have 8156MB RAM while I should have 16384MB RAM. Any other info can be provided if it is releveant to the solution!

My Rig:
Ivy Bridge Intel i5 3570K 4.0GHz
Patriot Viper 16GB 1600Mhz RAM ( I hope soon!)
ASRock Z77 Pro4
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  1. Bump!
    Please guys I need some help! I can't be the only person out there with this problem!
  2. Does each DIMM work by itself?

    Does each pair (i.e. two 4GB DIMMs) work by themselves?

    Do three DIMMs get recognized?
  3. Yes. When I switch the Inactive RAM out of it's DIMM slot it works in the A2,B2 Slots. But the A1,B2 Slots seem to be broke? And I haven't tried 3 DIMM's yet. I will try that now and post the results.
  4. Okay It will work in A1 and B1. When a third RAM stick is installed it reverts to an odd setup of B2,A1 recognized.
  5. Finally Resolved. I took it to my local microcenter and they replaced the motherboard for me. The Motherboard had a short on the RAM slots. Thanks for ALL the help Tom's Hardware. Geez. I couldn't have done it without the help of these so generous members.
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    Happy to hear you have it resolved.

    With weird memory slot behavior like that I would have taken it back to the vendor for exchange too.
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