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im using speedfan everything seems to be stable 30-40C cept temp2 which spikes to 80C once every few mins for half a second then drops back down to 30. i looked at the config and it show temp2 as "IT8720F" i believe this is the cpu. dont kno y my cpu spikes so much. also my core temp is always at 0 degree. dont kno wut tht is. and my cpu fan is at 1400+rpm is tht a good speed?
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  1. the speed depends on the size of the fan ex. my 120mm fan runs at 900rpm all the time, my 80mm cpu fan runs from 1800-3200

    go into exotics, click show me the magic, and it should show you all the temps... it tends to get clogged up with lots of exess temps and speeds which can be configured out.. it may just be misreading coz 1/2 a second is much too fast for a spike that high to cool off
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