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I am currently buying components here and there to build a new semi-gaming rig desktop, and i was wondering how the new APUs would differ than getting a Phenom II x4 @3.2ghz. with a radeon hd 6790 card.

If i got the Current APU it would be the AMD A8-3850 Llano 2.9GHz 4MB L2 Cache Socket FM1 100W Quad-Core Desktop APU AD3850WNGXBOX

(i belive that is the highest end one currently released, correct if i am wrong),

and i would crossfire that with the highest card that i could

(question: would I be able to crossfire it with the 6790? i haven't been able to find any info on crossfiring with the new APUs)

My questions are: For a average gamer, what would give me the performance i need for decent/high gaming experience while giving me a decent amount of processing power (I only do a bit of Handbraking, and dvd ripping and other slightly intensive processes currently, but i dont want a weak cpu by any means).

How energy efficient is the APU i selected, and is there any better ones currently available?

Is there any info on crossfiring with the APUs?

What is more future proof?
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  1. I should have added /CPU to the title
  2. and would it be worthwhile waiting? when is the next series of APUs coming out?
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  4. thats a no on the 6790.......from amd---
    A4-Series APUs are only compatible with the Radeon HD 6350 (DDR3) and the Radeon HD 6450 (GDDR5)
    -thats as far as hybrid xfire goes.......

    if you search "hybrid crossfirex with llano apu" you'll have more luck as it is not just a "crossfire" setup
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