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i've been running speedfan for about an hour and i notice this. my cpu temp and all my temp is stable at 30ish degree but my temp 2 which i think is my cpu temp spikes up to 80 for a second then drops back down to a stable 30. it spikes lik once every few mins. and i've been idle all this time. just surfing the web and downloading something. dont kno y it would spike from 30 to 80 every 5 mins or so. is this bad?

my core temp is 0. dont kno wut core temp is and why its at 0..maybe its dead?
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  1. Its indicate 0 because maybe a temperature sensor is dead.That bump to 80 is not good.
  2. Try downloading HWMonitor to watch your temps. This lists all the hardware components so you can see exactly what temp relates to which component.
  3. core temp is 0 on all programs
    cpu temp continues to from 40 to 80 then back to 40. sometimes my comp freezes for a sec or 2. but its not cuz of the temp spike. is my cpu not stable?

    actually when my comp freeze for 1-2 sec its when my cpu temp is at its lowest.
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