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I did a very careful BIOS update today. I made sure the version was right for the motherboard that i have and put it on a USB drive. It went through the update (through a DOS Prompt at startup) and said everything completed successfully. After successful update it asks if i would like to reboot i press Y for yes and then it goes to restart and i get nothing on-screen and no power indicator light on the front of my case. I tried at simple restart of the machine to see if it would fix but the same results. Everything else in the computer is working fine, HDD is spinning, CPU fan is spinning, System Fans are spinning, and motherboard light is on. Everything seems like a normal boot aside from nothing displaying on screen(don't even get to POST screen, screen just says No Display) and the power indicator light on front of the case no longer comes on. Please someone help.
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  1. reset the CMOS first...then try pulling sticks of RAM...try pulling all of the RAM first just to see if the board is still alive...then if you get beeps...the board is still alive...then try one RAM stick at a time....What board is it? Some Intel boards come with a BIOS recovery where you pull the RTC jumper
  2. agree if no beeps, it means you might flashed the wreong bios. cos after restarting the pc it give you the msge tho run set up or cont.
  3. Read up on boot block BIOS recovery techniques at http://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=119375.0

    There may still be hope.
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