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I recently replaced a failed mechanical hard drive with an SSD in a 3.5 year old laptop (T5800 Core2 Duo 2GHz, 2x2GB DDR2-800 RAM, Windows Vista SP2 32-bit). Prior to the hard disk failing, Windows Experience Index was rating my RAM at 5.9 which was running in dual channel mode, as confirmed by CPU-Z. After a clean install of Vista, WEI is now rating this ram at 4.9 even though nothing has changed and CPU-Z still confirms it's running in dual channel mode.

I've tried taking out the RAM out and reseating it, which made no difference to the WEI rating. I've also checked the rating with each 2GB stick installed individually, and WEI rates each 2GB stick in single channel mode at 4.9 also. Surely, Windows Experience Index should score 4GB in dual channel mode higher than 2GB in single channel? Anyone have an ideas? Should I even take any notice of WEI ?!
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  1. WEI is a tool from microsoft to troll people.

    They make you panic when you have a high end system and you get scores you didn't expect.
  2. steve1024 said:
    Should I even take any notice of WEI ?!

    No, ignore it. It is as jay_nar says.
  3. But why has the rating changed, when no hardware has changed? And why the same in single channel as in dual?
  4. Because it wants you to cry!!!
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