ASUS GTX580 DCII Fans PWM Y-cable (looking for replacement)

I've recently purchased a brand new ASUS GTX580 DirectCUII video card. After hooking it up to my system I discovered that there was a problem with the PWM Y-cable splitter that is leading power to the 2 fans on the card. One fan would constantly spin at 100% (very loud). When I switched the fans connections around, the other fan started spinning at 100%. So that's how I knew that the pwm Y-cable splitter was at fault!

Unfortunately since I tried opening the card to fix this myself and in the process damaged the little screws, my warranty was void and they refused to replace the card in the store due to "physical damage".

Luckily this is an easy problem to correct (just replace the cable), however I have a problem:

The pwm splitter cable being used on the card has a 5-pin connection, splitting into 2x4-pin fan connectors, to which the fans are connected.

I could not find this cable ANYWHERE. The closest I found is a reference to a similar cable by DELL:

According to that the 5th pin is unused, so a standard 4 pin to 2x4-pin pwm splitter cable should work.

Unfortunately I don't know if this is the case with this cable being used by ASUS.

I tried posting on the ASUS support forums about this, but got no response so far. I also contacted ASUS technical support but all they could offer me is an RMA which would take WEEKS, for a problem that I can fix myself in 5 minutes.

1) Does anyone have ANY idea where I could possibly get this cable?
2) Alternatively, do you think that a standard 4-pin to 2x4-pin cable will work instead?

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