i am using this ram two ram of 2 gbs
i have MSI H55M P33 motherboard and intel i5 760 processor
i want to upgrade my ram to 8 gb but wen i insert two more ram of 2gbs then its says total memory is 8gb but 3.69 is usable

plzz help
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  1. You are probably using the 32bit(x86) version of windows, you are going to need to upgrade that to the 64bit to use all of the ram.
  2. thnx for the reply but ...i would like to tell you that i am using windows ultimate 64bit only.... but then also its not supporting

    i went to manufacturer place, they told me to use the old ram as new one will not be supporting my motherboard
    the hell otherwise i have to replace the ram

    what to do ??
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