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6950 2gb or GTX 560 ti AMP

Hello folks, I am planning to upgrade my rig to a new gpu, I am running a 5750 which I intend to replace. My budget is somewhere between 340 to 360 USD. I have been an ATI fan so I was thinking about buying a 6950 2gb but then I got confused for GTX 560 ti AMP version by Zotac. I've heard its a great performer and according to some its at par with the 6950 2gb.

Now here is what I know-

* The advantage with the gtx 560 is that its a good performer and includes physx which ATI does not and it also consumes less power than 6950. Though not many games use physx but its still beneficial to have an extra feature.

* Now the 6950 2gb is also a great performer and at some benchmarks it outperforms 560 ti AMP. It can also be unlocked to a 5970.

Now what I wanna is, if I buy a 6950 2gb, what chances are there for it to be unlocked to a 6970 cuz not every 6950 can be flashed to a 6970 as far as I have heard. If I go for the GTX 560 ti AMP is it really going to perform at par with the 6950. Which is the better card in your opinion, 6950 2gb or GTX 560 ti AMP as they cost nearly the same. Please throw in your insights and suggestions.

thanks a lot :)

*note: I am specifically talking about GTX 560 ti "AMP" version not just 560 ti.
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    If it were me, i would try to locate and research a known 6950 model that can be flashed to a 6970 and go with that. You will instantly have more horsepower than both the 6950 2GB and 560 Ti at the same cost, and, if you can find a non-reference version with better than reference cooling, you should be able to overclock it a little more for added horse power.
  2. "If it were me, i would try to locate and research a known 6950 model that can be flashed to a 6970"- Now how do I locate and research for such a model, sorry if my question sounds lame but I really need to know.....btw MSI twin forzr is known to provide better cooling than the reference model if I am not wrong. Anyway thanks for posting : )
  3. Google is your friend on finding out what models can be flashed to a 6970. That is how i would check. There internet will likely have the answers for you, just have to take the time to research it.

    Google something along the lines of "flash 6950 to 6970", you will get your answers.
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