Can i upgrade my AMD E-300 processor

I bought an Acer laptop that has the AMD E-300 series prodcessor and was wondering if I could get it upgraded to a faster processor?
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  1. Call Acer, but typically the CPU is soldered into the motherboard.
  2. You can upgrade it but at a high risk to the computer. It is soldered to the motherboard and would have to be pulled off and then solder in a higher model of the AMD E series of chips.
  3. I would imagine you would damage the motherboard by even attempting to remove it and re-soldering would be impossible because it is done through a complicated manufacturing process.

    I have upgraded Intel Core 2 processors on laptops. They use pins similar to a desktop socket however the mobile socket is different so you simply couldn’t buy a standard processor that you would use for a home build and cram it into a laptop if that was the idea you were getting.

    Have you found a place that you can buy a compatible upgrade? If you can’t find them then it probably isn’t a viable upgrade.
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