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Corsair tx750 with dual 6950 n overclocking

hello, can corsair tx 750w handle hd 6950 cfx and overclock at the same time?
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  1. hi @Muhamad86,
    this situation become dangerous with fitting 2 6950 even with overclocking don't do that get at least 850w
  2. so i have to go with corsair tx850? any suggestion other psu brand?
  3. also i have dual 5850 with corsair hx-650, how that is it okay?
  4. yes, of course look at cooler master silent pro 850w.
  5. It does kind of depend on the rest of the system, but unless you are running a boat load of power hungry monsters then yes a high quality 750W PSU is more than enough for a system with two 6950s.
    6950 Crossfire Power Consumption:
    Idle = 169W Load - Crysis = 470 Load - Furmark = 509W
    As you can see on an unrealistic Furmark load a system with two 6950s uses well below 750W.
  6. what about corsair hx650 with dual 5850?, is it okay?
  7. A pair of 6950's will pull about 24 amps, peaking to 28 amps. Figure 10 amps for an OC'd CPU. That is around 450 watts.

    Figure 40 watts for a couple of hard drives and an optical and another 80 - 120 watts for the motherboard and RAM.

    That is around 600 watts. A Corsair TX750 will be operating at around 80% of rated power at peak computer loads. I'd prefer a somewhat larger power supply, but a good 750 watt PSU is perfectly adequate.

    2 5850, and an HX650 (50 amp rail):
    5850's are pretty efficient. A pair of them will pull about 20 - 24 amps. CPU - 10 amps. That's around 400 watts. Add another 100 - 120 watts or so for the rest of the system and you are up around 520 watts for about the same load factor.

    The CM 850 w Silent Pro seems to be a pretty good PSU - especially for CoolerMaster:
  8. yes it is fine.
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    I am running both of my 560ti's an oc'ed 2600k perfectly fine on my antec high current 620w. I asked a similar question a few months back and people said it would perfectly fine to run 2 6950's or 560ti's on a efficient 620psu. You should be fine.
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