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Hello guys,

I have a Dell OptiPlex GX620 that I wish to upgrade. I recently tried to play the new SW:TOR beta and although I could see all the GUI and hear the sound, I could not see anything but a black or white screen. After trying to update GPU/BIOS drivers I believe the issue is with the graphics card not supporting Shader 3.0 or above.

Quick spec break down (off top of head as at work);
Dell Optiplex GX620: Intel 82945G Processor I/O Controller
MOBO: Dell 0HH807
CPU: P4D (Presler) 3.40gz (dual core)
GPU: ATI (AMD) Radeon X600 series (256mb)
PSU: unsure, will have to confirm.

So basically I'm trying to find out the best/cheapest way to upgrade this kit, and what is compatible. I'm doing some research myself to and have found a cheap PCI-E card, but it's version 2.0 and my MOBO is only a PCI-E 1.0 slot. I believe it will be compatible, but obviously will run at the slower 2.5gbps than if it had a 2.0 slot.

I have also read that the chipset my CPU was made for, should be 975X chipset, but I seem to be on 945. Is this just poor planning by Dell or was it just a cheaper way of building this rig.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Best wishes
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  1. If this is your system, then it's a btx format case and board, so it's best to change cases when you change the power supply. My best advice is to format and reinstall windows to wipe your old files and sell the system intact. You won't have much to use except the hardrive and ram; This system will give you more video card options but you'll still need a better power supply for any mid to high end video card:
  2. Hi o1die,

    That is the case my system is in, the only difference is the pci-e card and sound card fitted, so it's not using the onboard options.

    I was more thinking along the lines of compatible vid cards ann potentially highest cpu it can currently take or maybe start again with a self build to keep costs down.

    Thanks for the advice.
  3. If you can build your own, that's great. Most oem buyers don't have the time or inclination to build their own. Here's one newegg builder's special: They have others listed each week as a shellshocker special. Some have everything but the operating system. This setup uses a newer am3+ cpu, but they have also had the g620 dual core setup for around $300 recently. You need to check daily for specials or get on their email promo listing.
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