Random crashes during WoW- gtx260 sli

I'm nearly at wits end trying to solve this mystery with different variables.

I recently upgraded my pc to an Asus P8P67 Pro, i5 2500k, 16gb of gskill ddr memory, coolermaster heatsink, etc.
Reused my corsair 650w psu and an evga gtx260 superclock vid card. All was good, running it this way bout month and half.
My bro upgraded and said I could have his evga gtx260, same exact model, bought same time.
I try out sli for first time. So I plug in the 2nd one and swap in an antec 750w psu. After a few hours of playing Warcraft, my pc randomly shutdown and restarted.
I chalked it up to a heat issue, removed 2nd card, all was fine. Fast forward a week and I take fans out of my old case, bros old case, etc. So I have 6 fans, 2 in front intake, 1 side intake, 2 upper exhaust and rear exhaust.
Seems good. Cpu temps dont go over 60c and neither does the cards.
Still randomly restarts or on occasion just freezes on screen. Ok maybe a faulty card, I pull out my bros and just run mine. a week later I had a random restart. And they truly are random, 10 minutes in or 5 hours in.
So now I see it crashed 2x with just my card alone. Odd because I know this one was fine in previous rig. so i put bros card in alone and after 2nd day I had 2 crashes there was well. So I doubt its the cards, and thinking PSU again.
I put my 650 corsair back in and SLI it up, again after a few hours, poof.
I check the temps during gaming and they dont pass 65-70c. I even downloaded a furmark bench that pushed the cards to 90c in less than a minute, no crashes, but I didnt want that running for long.
Im not in the middle of playing any other games, a little halflife, natural selection 2, tf2, etc. Seems fine. But again crashes are totally random.
So I think i can rule out the psus and cards. I even tried new drivers and older drivers.
So Im not sure if this is some how motherboard related, seems odd that single card was good for over a month and now even single card I randomly crash. Im beginning to think maybe its the game itself, an addon or something. Ive disabled stuff and still have crashes totalyl random when I think i've narrowed it down.

Anyone recommend any other kind of tests or benchmarks to narrow this down? Like a lower stress of furmark, etc, anything like that?
And it never seems to crash when idle. I can leave pc on overnight, and its how I left it.
I can have WoW on and go get a bite to eat, drink, come back and its on. Ive even had it where I get a drink, sit down and soon as I interact and go to move, then it crashes.

Id appreciate some direction on how to narrow this down, as I've been working in hardware trouble shooting for a while now and cant really think of much else right now.
Previous mobo was an EP45-UD3P so Im almost tempted to try and do an SLI hack on that and see if its repeatable there.
Ive been meaning to get previous system back up and running so itd be on 4-8gb mem, q9550 quadcore, corsair 650w..
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  1. I don't remember for certain but is there an option in WoW for SLI or no SLI? I keep thinking that you have to enable it in order to get it to work. I used to have (well still do) a gtx 260 and I know they run hot and suck up a lot of power. Mine generally ran at 85C so I'm impressed that even with 2 you are only at 65-70.

    One thought would be to make sure the PCIe cords are securely in the graphics card. I know my 260 would boot with one PCIe and would function until I started gaming then shut down due to lack of power.
  2. Ive had power issues before when i was using a 500w psu. I would try to play street fighter, all was good with menus and select screens. once an in game 3d scenario would have to render, shut down.
    But like I said I find it odd it runs fine for hours sometimes. and then just kaput.
    that fumark had it up to 90c crazy fast and i felt crazy heat coming out of the case.
    So im not thinking that it. I do see a performance bump with the sli, regardless of seeing any official sli options in WoW.
    With good to high mixed settings id get 45-60 fps, whereas 2 cards full high settings i get 60.
    But again, odd that I then had crashes with each card running by themselves as well.
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