Motherboard not connecting to the IO Shield

Hi there,

I have an Asus P8Z77 V - LX. I am trying to install the motherboard inside the case but the metallic tab(is that what is called)/b] on the IO Shield are causing obstruction

Now i had look inside the manual and it doesn't state which side the metallic tabs on the IO Shield are meant to be. Are they meant stick outward so they are visible to me outside the case or inward. Or have i missed something?

At the moment the metallic tabs are inward. The case i have is a mid tower case: Antec 302 which supports Standard ATX, Micro ATX and IATX.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. In regards to the above here is what my I/O Shield looks like:

    As you can see there are metal tabs, are those meant to be visible only inside the case?

    Also, can i bend them if they are causing obstruction?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. The tabs are meant to point inwards. It might take some pressure, but by pressing the MB against thr tabs and getting the forst couple of MB screws in, you should be able to just let go and get the rest of them in. Like I said, it can take some force pressing the MB against the tabs, but that's just how it is.
  3. Just like abeki said, the tabs are meant to be facing inward. The overall orientation of the I/O plate should be determined by your motherboard since all those empty holes in the I/O plate must match up the I/O inputs on the motherboard. The top of the plate is usually where the mouse and keyboard plug in which is denoted by the engraved image of the keyboard and mouse.

    After putting in the I/O plate, you'll have to carefully slide the motherboard on an angle to fit into the empty holes in the I/O plate and then pressed slightly to finish fitting in the motherboard inputs. Just make sure that you have already installed the standoffs in the case.
  4. also make sure the plate is snapped into the case.if not it going to make it a lot harder to gett he mb to line up with the mb stand offs.
  5. Hey all,

    I've managed to install the motherboard successfully. However the metal tabs were still obstructing but what i did do is where it was causing an obstruction i bent the tabs so the relevant ports can be slotted correctly.

    I lined up the holes correctly on the MB. There are 6 holes on my MB and i made sure that prior to installing the MB the 6 standoffs were inserted correctly.

    I didn't overtight the screws, just made sure they were fitted snuggly ;)

    I've connected the CPU fan cable, ATX 20 + 4 pin cable and CPU 4 + 4 connector cable to the motherboard. This is my first build ever so I was quite nervous. I consulted the manual to ensure i did it right and i think i have because i didn't have to put too much force on the ATX cables.

    All i have to do now is connect my HDD's etc.

    Again thanks for the assistance everyone, much appreciated.
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