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I recently upgraded everything except my video card (hd5870/PCIe 2.0) and am now getting 100fps higher in GW2. I was expecting a modest bump, but nowhere near what I got. The one thing that I am most attributing to the increase is that the old mobo was PCIe 1.0 and the new one is PCIe 3.0, allowing my card to run at it's native 2.0 speeds. Is this assumption correct? Is the PCIe version upgrade responsible for this large jump in FPS?


abit ip35-pro
q9550 @ 3.4
4GB corsair xms3
32mb cache
32bit Win7

Asus P8Z77 -V LX
i5 3570K @ 3.8
120GB SSD OCZ Agility (OS and some apps)
64MB cache hdd (Apps, games, downloads)
64bit Win7
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  1. Yes. PCIe 1.0 is NOTHING compared to 2.0/3. Also, your old card was 99.9% being bottlenecked if it's SUCH a big increase.


    Thanks a nice system you got there btw :) Get a new card in the near future okay?

    Have fun!
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