How to Decrease or Limit Internet Bandwidth? Please help!


I need some help with my bandwidth for the internet.

About a month ago, i had this new flatmate moved in and she has been eating up all the bandwidth as i cannot do anything while im on the net. I cannot play games (pings too high sometimes i cant even login), surfing lags, websites sometimes takes minutes to open from before one second or two.

Im not sure what she does with the bandwidth, as iv never had any problems with any other flatmates iv had. And as bad as i feel UNPLUGING her LAN CABLE from the modem (very tempting). And i cannot ask her as shes never home in the morning cause of uni, either i am. And at night time shes at the backyards granny flat.

I dont know if shes downloading torrents or streaming youtube or watever, is there anyway i can limit the bandwidth set to her ip address on the network.

Also when i checked my internet usage, i was shock as it sky rocketted used up 60GB download / (20GB upload ????) what the hell ....

all i use the internet for is mainly playing online games and surfing the net sometimes youtube but her ....

So is there anyway i can LIMIT and maybe also MONITOR the bandwidth within this network as i am the admin for the network.

Thank you.
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    Some routers allow to bandwidth management,
    You could set up a lower bandwidth for the lan, (her) and connect yourself with the wifi if possible.

    another option, would be to use the word/web filter of the modem/router and lock some words such as torrents, tracker, announce, bit... It might help...

    The last option would be to have 2 network cards and your computer, one connected to the internet and another connected to her computer.
    Your computer would be sharing the internet with her, and with a software like Bandwith manager, you should be able to control her internet usage. The bad side is that your computer must be on for her to connect the internet...

    Good luck :)
  2. hey thanks for reply

    I might need to change router, seems like the least troublesome.

    but then monitoring the bandwidth she uses is also a good idea

    is there any good (simple?) programs out there to do this?
  3. I use this one
    it's quite easy to use

    you might download the trial and see if you can use it.
  4. but dun i need like a server to do that?

    as i dun have a server at the moment.
  5. You don't need a server. Windows 7 manage it very well.

    Good luck
  6. If you are planning on changing your router, I would suggest you to look into the tomato 3rd-party firmware. They have a table with compatible router. It can do bandwidth-monitoring (on lan, wan, and per port) and I think lower the bandwidth used per port.

    For now, with most router, you could set yourself as having the priority on any traffic.
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  8. Thanks for your help =]
  9. Listen, THE most important part is , you've got to talk to her. You can't just DO sh%t just because you can (being an admin).
    She might not be even aware that you're having problems, but if you change something without letting her know... I mean how the hell would you feel, if you would have spent countless hours, looking for the cause of the sudden network slowdown, cauz' that's what she'll probably do, just to find out your roomie screwed you over... I mean you're looking for an enemy under the same roof?

    I'm just saying.... Don't be a prick... once you agree on some limits then look into this nice software... NETLIMITER... alows you to assign limits, blocks the eny running program... full control, unfortunatelly for me, I had to get rid of it cauz it was causing interupts errors and sound gliches, but not everyone gets those issues.

    Be good now... or be good at it...
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