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Windows 7 unable to refind printer with dynamic address


I have added a windows 7 computer on a network with a network printer which gets the address dynamically but Windows 7 gives it a static address during configuration and cannot find the printer when the address changes. All other computers on the network are OK.

Any suggestions on how to tell windows to use DHCP. There was no choice on setup?

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    Normally the Printer would have a static IP. This would be especially true if the network is not using something like active directory. Set the printer up with a static IP and configure your DHCP Server to provide IP addresses in a pool outside of the static IP range.



    DHCP Pool to for example.

    This leaves addresses free to assign more static IP's later. Resources like printers and servers require static IP addresses so the wider network can be configured with consistency.
  2. Excellent! Works well. Thank you
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