Which hardware is limiting Crysis 2 playability?

Crysis 2 is playable on my PC but gets a bit choppy is open areas and where there are multiple enemies and effects going off. Not sure what hardware I may need to upgrade and would to hear what you think. Here's my PC config:
ASUS P6T, I7-920 CPU, 6GB Viper Ram, eVGA GTS 250 (512MB), 1 TB WD HD, Audigy 2 sound card, Vista 64bit, latest drivers and updates installed. Thanks.
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  1. your video card. replace it with something better. a minimum upgrade to a gts250 IMO is a gtx460 or amd 6850. But i would aim a bit higher if crysis 2 is your game. If you game at 1080p resolution and you want to use crysis with the latest dx11 patch then you need a gtx570 or better.
  2. definitely your video card.
    What resolution do you game at?
  3. I use a 20" Samsung SyncMaster 206bw display with a native resolution of 1680x1050. I've played Crysis 2 at a lower res of 1024x768 which helps somewhat. Have a Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX Power Supply with 4 x 6+2-Pin power connectors, thinking someday I might be able to configure 2 way or even 3 way SLI. But for now I can only save to afford just one good video card to replace what I have now. The gtx570 is definitly on the high side for my budget these days so I'm thinking about the gtx 560 Ti gpu. Thanks for the taking the time to share your knowledge and opinions.
  4. the 560ti will be fine for crysis 2 at that res, even with the dx11 patch on. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/crysis-2-directx-11-performance,2983-6.html heres a good write up about crysis 2 performance. Note, the dx11 patch really kills performance, you dont have to have all details maxxed like toms does though.
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