Asus sabertooth z77 or Asrock z77 oc formula???

Hi friends I can't decide for one of this MOBO for my new i73770k, I would expend 250€ more or less, I look this 2 mobo but I accept suggesstions on others. I will use it for gaming and video editing. thanks
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  1. Where are you buying? I would suggest the Asrock Z77 Ectreme4 since it provides the same features for a less price.
  2. Sabertooth all the way! The Z77 OC formula is just good in looks. The sabertooth beats it in benches :)
  3. Link for benchmarks?
  4. Don't have any links. I've tested both the boards myself.
  5. ASUS Sabertooth Z77 or ASUS Maximus V FORMULA, and neither ASRocks. The Sabertooth Z77 offers the 5 year warranty, has excellent reviews (Google there's plenty), and the ASUS Maximus V FORMULA adds decent onboard sound. The performance differences on pretty much any Z77 is going to be close. Stability and Quality of components is what sets the ASUS apart from the herd.
  6. The formula is the second best board I've ever tested (Comes after the Extreme, that's why I bought the extreme).
  7. Second best in what regards? In the case of sound the Formula is best, performance I've seen the Gene beat both. Depends on what's 'important' to you, it's like splitting hairs...but we agree ASUS.
  8. Definately the Sabertooth , I absolutely love mine , good solid board , tuff components , overclocks brilliantly and is super stable. Hit 4.6 - 4.7G on mine with a 3770K and it runs perfectly. I am really happy with it and it also looks good in my case. I highly recomend it.
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