Is my Geforce 8800 GT overheating?

Hey my video card, XFX Geforce 8800 GT 512MB Alpha Dog(stock fan) has been running around 50-70C(30% Fan Speed) on idle since I installed it. 70-85C(80% Fan Speed) on idle after playing. Ive been playing games with it for like a year now. I get 95C when playing graphics intensive games like BFBC2. I havent got any freezes, shutdowns or anything like that.

is my card running on normal temp? or is it overheating. Im worried if it will die soon.
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  1. If your not noticing any adverse effects from load temps of upto 95C then its not "overheating", However 95C is certainly dangerous over a long period of time. I'd suggest giving the cooler/heatsink a clean and applying a good quality thermal paste to the GPU.
    You may also want to clean your case fans, tidy cables to improve air flow and/or set up a custom fan profile for the graphics card with software such as MSI Afterburner.

    I'd highly recommend keeping the temperature below 90C Maximum.
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