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hello, my old pc recently broke on me and i need a replacement, it was a q6600, 4gb ddr2, 512mb 8600gt and it worked like a charm with windows 7 ultimate 64bits, i use the computer just for casual stuff like browsing, chatting, watching movies and i do some photoshoping on it....

i honestly have no idea what to buy, i was thinkin about a phenom II with 4gb of ddr3, since my old pc worked pretty well for me, itd be almost the same, but i dunno, maybe an i3 would be better?

what would you guys do?

i can spend around 300-400 bucks on it but i dont wanna spend money on stuff im not gonna use, thats why im asking you guys for some advice

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  1. What broke?
  2. the motherboard, and i cant get my hands on any good motherboard for 775 where i live =(
    the only ones i can get are cheapo boards that would force me to cap the ram to 2gb

    my old mobo was an asus p5k deluxe

    so i was thinkin about it and it seems like building/upgrading it with a new processor would be the best, so i can get a good mobo

    im thinkin about buying a mobo with usb3 sataIII support for am3+, with a cheapo phenom II x2 that i can upgrade later if i need, but then again i dunno how the x2 would perform in comparison with my old quad
  3. alternstely, an A8 Llano full system can be bought for $350. Athlon II performance but good on-board gpu. (better than an 8600GT for having DX11, but otherwise similar performance with DDR3-1600)
  4. Look harder for another MB it sounds like the old machine served you well.
    Spend 50 instead of 300
    Where do you live ?
  5. Its really hard finding socket 775 motherboards .
    Looking harder is likely to just strain your eyes
  6. Doesn't sound like he oc's its as easy as leaving your house
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