MSI 460GTX "Hawk Talon Attack" Not Being Recognized by Computer?

Hey, I recently received my 460 GTX ( in the mail and replaced my 8800 GT 512mb.

- This is my power supply:
- And my motherboard is some derivative of 680i, which should work with my card (source =

I've plugged everything in to the best of my knowledge (I'm not the best with computers :p) (the two 6-prong power connectors, it's snug in my mobo, and I plugged in my monitor), however when I start up it's not being recognized by my computer, rivatuner, and PCwizard. Two red LED lights are glowing, which according to ( indicate what "performance phase" the card is in. I installed the drivers and followed the physical installation guide (which pretty much read "plug *** into card, plug card into mobo").

After installing the drivers and rebooting, I am now getting a lot of white/grey lines everywhere. Here are some pictures: || || ||

I'm wondering if there are any common mistakes made when replacing video cards so I can rule out defective card or anything.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Uh... scratch that. I rebooted three more times and now everything seems to be working fine. My computer is no longer booting into safe mode and all of my programs recognize it as being there.
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