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I am getting an i5 2500k sandy bridge and I needed a suggestion for motherboard around 100 (it can be a little bit more), harddrive (less then 100 I have an external 1tb just need an internal), Ram suggestion with the motherboard (less then 50) and a cd/dvd burner. I am not planning on doing gaming (low end) and dont have a high graphics card therefore I dont need my motherboard to be focused on that, I would also like a motherboard with a hdmi output. I am form canada and would appreciate canadian sites. (I like to go to thanks a lot
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  1. Would you be able to give me canadian links please
  2. Sorry, but I'm just listing my newegg email promos, which may be the same in canada but with different pricing.
  3. deals are usually much more limited in selection. It's limited to what is carried at the Mississauga, Ontario warehouse.

    Try NCIX's latest Promo sale here:
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