Getting 2x Dual Channel Memory of 32 GB will it work for 64 GB?

Im looking to get a new computer with the following motherboard:

It handles 64gb ram but in Quad channel -

Can I get two sets of these rams since Newegg has a special on this ram to make total of 64Gb (in the future):

Or should i get the quad channel of the same type of memory?

Im just wondering cause it would save $40 bucks right now and allow a future possible upgrade....

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    Quad/Dual Channel is not dependent on the DIMMs. Just as long as you populate the motherboard with DIMMs of the same size and the number of DIMMs you use is divisible by four your will have quad channel support.

    Short answer, yes you can get "dual channel" kit.

    A better question is why do you need 32 gb of memory?
  2. 8GB is plenty,so why you really need 64GB ,more RAM wont your PC faster at all, this thing toms hardware discussed before here .,2264-4.html
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  4. Okay thank you. so it is possible...

    Thats good to know. I am looking at 32gb not because I need it to run faster but I run intense Adobe After Fx, Premiere, and a 12 Monitor setup system for video production intermixing multiple software programs at the same time.

    Right now im on 24 GB ram and it peaks out often during my workflow. I do not game at all what-so-ever (if anyone was curious and looks this up in the future)
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